Pink under garments for Ram Sene men

New Delhi: It is 'Gandhigiri' with a difference for over 3,000 people who have joined 'The Pink Chaddi Campaign' to send what else but bagful of pink under garments to the office of the Mangalore pub attack masterminds Sri Ram Sene on Valentine's day on Saturday.
The campaign which started as a group on Facebook on February 5 by a young woman has already enrolled more than 2,900 members with many more circulating mails asking people to donate pink underwear to various temporary offices set up in different cities or to send the material directly to Sri Ram Sene office.
"I just could not believe seeing those men attack women so mercilessly.

We had to respond in some way or the other because if we don't, then these guys will win. Pink chaddis are nothing but a metaphor to how disgusting they are," says Nisha Susan, a journalist working with a news portal. Nisha started the campaign.

Nisha, who has also set up a blog with relevant contact details, claimed she has already collected over 500 pink under garments.

"It is not the numbers that matter but the act itself. There is one woman who called up and told me that she has bought 100 of them dirt cheap in the market. One of my friend's mom too called up and said she will check out her wardrobe and collect as many as possible," she said.

Incidentally, the group claims itself to be ‘A Consortium of Pub-going and Forward Women.’