Own decision, Naga women say ‘yes’ to 33 per cent

KOHIMA, Feb 16 : A consultative meeting on the 108th Constitution Amendment (Women Reservation) 2008 was held at the ATI complex in Kohima this evening with all Naga women representative, tribes, hohos, unions and women political wings.

The meeting was called by the Nagaland State Commission for Women.

After thorough deliberations, the house resolved to go for 33 per cent reservation. 100 per cent of the representative agreed to go for the 33 per cent quota. They also demanded that the municipal act should be implemented.

Rosemary Dzüvichu, expert member of the National Commission for Women and Khesheli Chishi, Registrar in the Kohima bench of the Guwahati High Court were the resource persons. Rosemary said reservation is the first step towards democracy, law and their practice. She said there is a need to know the power of women.
“Many women don’t know or understand the power we have.

The biggest problem for our Naga women is that we don’t know to support each other, we need to change this”, she said while suggesting that tribal women organizations should have a network with the State Women Commission.

“Till women come together our voices are not heard beyond our State. We should not allow reducing the 33 per cent because it is already in the bill”, the NCW expert-member reminded.

Also, Khesheli Chishi said women must unite. She highlighted the legal right of Naga women and said the mindset of women has to change. She also pointed out that woman folks are not strong enough or even united.

Meanwhile, based on the decision arrived at, today, calling for implementation of the 33 per cent women’s reservation, a delegation comprising of two members from each organization, tribal units will meet with the Governor of Nagaland at the earliest.

Rano Saiza was also present at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Abeni TCK member of Nagaland State Women Commission. Sano Vamuzo, chairman of the NSCW said the introduction while the vote of thanks was offered by Ellen Konyak, member of the Nagaland State Women Commission.