Cherrapunjee in race for heritage site

 SHILLONG, Feb 16 : Sohra (Cherrapunjee)’s quest to get recognition from the UNESCO’s list of ‘heritage sites’ has received a fillip with the subdivisional administration getting into more of the activities to project itself as a candidate.

The Sub-Divisional Officer’s  attempt to have the Rock Rain Festival from January 18 is another step to attract tourists. The festival with variety of events has its headquarters in Sa-i-mi-Ka Park and the thrust is on to showcase the world that Sohra deserves the heritage park.

The record of being the place of heaviest rainfall apart, the thrust on reaping the potential of Sohra will be confined in the literal defining of the wettest place in and around Sohra, the bio-diversity of the area, the movement of the environmental plate and its existing effect of Sohra and in surrounding areas and other environmental explanation.

SDO (Civil) Dr Tiwari while explaining that the administration is on the job to ensure that Sohra becomes a heritage place under the natural category of the UNESCO criteria was apt in saying, “We have all the criteria fulfilled. The procedure to get the credential is what we are working for”.

As every work is being done, the forthcoming festival in Sohra is expected to add to the State endeavour to place Sohra as a historic site in the world of bio-economic tourism destination.

According to sources, the Meghalaya Chief Secretary will have a meeting with the UNESCO (India) representatives to identify Sohra as a natural heritage site.

Already, the work has been done at the grass-roots level. Confirming about the work undertaken at the subdivisional level, Tiwari said, “Sohra has all the required criteria and our work is to prove before the inspecting officials”.