Society fails to address child & women issues

Society fails to address child & women issues

Nagaland, Director General of Police, J Changkija (centre), NWC Chairperson, Sano Vamuzo (fourth from right), top police officers along with participants and other police personnel on January 16 outside the Police Conference Hall, Chumukedima. (Morung Photo)
Dimapur : “Since the time of creation man has dominated women and it has spread to many races across the world while many are still suffering,” Sano Vamuzo Chairperson, Nagaland Women Commission said today while addressing a gathering at the Nagaland Police state level debate competition on Human rights.  She said society has failed to address the issues of children and women even at this stage. “We should not have made this an issue but now it is necessary because of the actions of society,” she said.

At the state level debate which was held on “Women and child rights are respected in our society,” Sano Vamuzo pointed out that while women can fight for their rights, children cannot and that it is the duty of the society to nurture children and give more attention to them. She encouraged women to fight for their rights and urged them to play their roles right. She also called for more awareness on women and child rights so that society can utilize them to the fullest. Sano Vamuzo also lauded the Nagaland police for their role as custodians of law and protectors; without whom there would be turmoil and confusion in society.

Also addressing the gathering, Director General of Police, J Changkija said though other societies have gone much ahead on addressing issues of women and children, in Nagaland it is just about started. He said there is need for deliberating about the exclusive rights of women and children because of their special needs and their vulnerability. Changkija also said debates on any topic is a very essential exercise and pointed out that an issue like women and child rights especially, need more attention.

Stating that children’s rights are intimately tied to those of women, realizing their rights is the key to survival and development. While sensing the urgent need to wake up and address these issues, Changkija pointed out, “It is always much more pleasant and soothing when a thing is given without having to ask for it.” On a comforting note he said Naga society has many tradition and practices which are “women and child friendly,” and that if these are fading with modernity there is need to reawaken those traditions.
Constable wins police state level debate competition

Constable R Elanthung Tungoe, 11 NAP (IR) Battalion bagged the first position at the 5th Nagaland Police state level debate competition. Second close was a tie between Assistant Commandant, Alongla, 4 NAP Battalion and Sub-inspector, Philip Yanthan, DEF Dimapur. Constable N Zuchamo, DEF Wokha bagged the third position. Range wise, Dimapur range emerged the winner with a total score of 83 points, followed by Mokokchung range and Kohima range.

The team who debated against the motion emerged the overall winner. The debate was organized by the Nagaland Police and the National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi at the Chumukedima Conference Hall.