Dimapur Migrant workers get to learn on HIV/AIDS

Dimapur : With the focus to reach out to those sections of people considered vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, the Dimapur Network for People Living with HIV/AIDS (DNP+) identified the migrant workers for an advocacy cum sensitization programme.

The programme was held under the theme ‘Together we care’ on January 16 at Khermahal road, opposite Tata parking. Responding to this call of ‘care’ more than 50 migrant workers participated in the programme along with six staff from DNP+ which was conducted by Yanger Aier, Dist Mis/CB officer of DNP+.

The programme aimed at providing necessary awareness on HIV/AIDS infection, ‘insist to know one’s statuses and also to guide them for necessary counseling and treatment’.

Lipok Aier, Dist. Programme manager of DNP+ outlined about the HIV/AIDS epidemics around the world and the challenges faced. “HIV/AIDS should be everybody’s business and therefore all must come forward to play ones role in the fight against HIV/AIDS. As a migrant worker one should not feel unimportant rather should be a channel to reach even to the cornered areas for the fight and eradication of HIV/AIDS,” Lipok said.
Speaking on the basics of HIV/AIDS, Garland Achumi, social worker of DNP+ reminded that HIV and AIDS should not be confused as they are two different terms. She also briefed about the route of the same and stated that “the notion of HIV positive people as a threat to the society should be negated.”
Tiala, District Advocacy Officer, DNP+ taught on the ART medication which are available free of cost, through which the HIV virus is controlled and “as long as one maintain his/her health and adhere to the ART, an HIV positive person can live a normal life as anyone else.” She asserted that it should be the duty of each and everybody to know one’s status by undergoing voluntary testing and if found positive, go for different test and medication on time.
Further, Moa Phom, president DNP+ in a press release said that Hinile, District Women coordinator, DNP+  acknowledged the participants for their cooperation and all concerned staffs of DNP+. After the programme 24 people came forward for HIV voluntary test. A good number of IEC materials, posters and condoms were also distributed.