‘Freedom comes from respecting others rights’

‘Freedom comes from respecting others rights’
Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, Arts and Culture Yitachu and other pose for lens after inaugurating Sohomi Village Panchayat Hall on January 15. Sohomi village lies around 12 km away from Phek Town.

Phek : Inaugurating the Sohomi village Panchayat Hall on January 15 Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, Art & Culture and Law & Justice, Yitachu opined that there exists in Naga society a strong legal system.
Yitachu said, “We have a good and strong legal system, therefore we practice our customary law in the court of Government from the time of the British Rule in India.”  He further added, “We must preserve our traditional system and justice system.” He expressed hope that the Panchayat Hall would be ‘a seat of justice, a place for delivering justice’.

Also dwelling on the effectiveness of law he opined, ‘if we think the law is weak, it is not the law but the people who are weak’ and added that in any society most development takes place in a society where the people are strong with traditional and cultural background.

He also advised the villagers to preserve their identity and tradition. He added that freedom should be within the legal law and pointed out that one’s freedom should not affect other’s right but should enjoy freedom within the legal right by respecting other’s right. “Unless we understand the real sense of freedom we cannot be expected to deliver freedom for the people of our society.”

In reply to the demand for construction of a rest house in Sohomi village, Yitachu assured to set up an eco-camp instead of a rest house to promote Eco-Cultural Tourism preservation in the near future.

He asked the villagers ‘to do their share’ in brining about needful development for the area. “For all round transformation in terms of development,” he said, “we should look after our natural resources and work together.” He further noted, “good road is the key to all developmental activities.”

The Parliamentary Secretary was accompanied by ex-minister Vejoyi Vero, ex-MLA Chiehutso, a host of public leaders and officials of Phek district.