North East dramatists to perform 1,000 shows of a play a day

Guwahati, May 17 : A group of 2,500 young dramatists plan to hold 1,000 shows of a play based on class discrimination on a single day in Guwahati.

Himanshu Prasad Das, an alumnus of India's prestigious National School of Drama, who has conceptualised and directed the 25-minute street play named Bhok (hunger), came up with the idea of holding 1,000 shows on September 12.

"It's difficult for us because people who are connected with this play are well aware that it is very tiring to perform one show of a play and then we have to perform 1,000 shows of the same play, so it will definitely be difficult, it's not going to be easy," said Das

He added: "We don't have any kind of sponsorship and we are not receiving any monetary help form the government, but still we felt that the question of class discrimination, which we are fighting with is touching the life of every common man. So, we feel the people from all the regions of Assam will definitely connect with the subject, which we will be enacting."

Das has been training the young dramatists from May 1 in training programmes organised in different states.

The dramatists will form 200 groups and each group will perform five shows in different places.

Das added the play would speak about the problems and sufferings of a common man.

"This play will speak a common man's language and will portray the problems and sufferings of the people. So, this play will be successful with the support of people and we will definitely perform 1,000 shows in a day," added Das.

Das hoped his efforts would contribute to the drama movement of the state at a time when commercial plays continue to dominate the scene.

Northeastern India has been ravaged by 50 years of bloody conflicts, and the region is a mix of languages, races, religions and civilizations, including 400 tribes and sub-tribes, many of whom fear loss of identity.