Messianic 50 year anniversary in Northeast India

Imphal, September 24 : With the coming of Messianic doctrine/faith in the remote country India, there was major development within Messianic in the North-Eastern part of India.

Mostly the people of Chin-Kuki-Mizo in the NE were Messianic (Followers of Messiah) and follow the faith/doctrine of Yahweh.

They claim that they are the one of the tribe of Manasseh, inhabited mostly in Manipur, Nagaland and Mizoram.

This Messianic faith/doctrine was followed/practice in and around 1960 AD as "Kiemlou Gangte, Technical adviser to the Messianic Council" claimed.

For the welfare of the Messianic within North East India, it was going to be great change within the Messianic history in India, where they can celebrate 50 years of Messianic Anniversary (1960-2010).They can proclaim for Independent as written in their Torah (Bible) "everything should be free".

So, with the coming of the Messianic 50 years Anniversary the "Prayer Team (Messianic Brotherhood) from Manipur, Churachandpur proclaim and announce to celebrate and planning to publish one Messianic Souvenir recorded since from 1960-2010 AD.

Besides, 2010 was a 7th Year of Release for the Messianic Jews, most of the Messianic pioneers had been already expired, but their footsteps still alive in the midst of the new intellectual pioneers of today said Kiemlou Gangte.