17 crorepati MLAs contesting Arunachal polls

NEW DELHI, Sept 23 – The Assembly election in Arunachal Pradesh may see huge display of money power, with at least17 crorepati MLAs vying for seats in the 60-member house.

According to the figures released on Tuesday by National Election Watch,

an election watchdog comprising over 1,200 NGOs under the aegis of Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), Arunachal Pradesh also has three MLAs with criminal records.

The survey is on the three States going to polls next month. The number of women MLAs is very low in all the three outgoing assemblies with no women MLA in Arunachal Pradesh.

On the other hand, number of crorepati MLA continues to be very high in the assemblies. The number of crorepatis in Arunachal Pradesh Assembly pales before Maharastra, which has about 108 crorepati and 47 in Haryana.

State Coordinator of Arunachal Pradesh Election Watch, Bamang Tago said, people want a corruption free government that can come only when there are honest and capable people in the assemblies.

Not only the people want to know how the politicians are becoming rich when

the majority of the State population continues to

live on the fringes, they also want to find out what these elected representatives did when they were in power. The political parties and the candidates can’t take their place for granted anymore.