Naga students submit memorandum to PM Manmohan Singh

Imphal, Feb 4 : Naga Students' Union (NSU), Chandel has submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to intervene and diffuse the Siroy stand-off and continue the talk to resolve at the highest level as agreed upon in the signing of cease fire to ensure in upholding peace in the entire region.

The memorandum said that the recent military approach of putting up of heavy artilleries in and around Siroy village occupying private residential courtyard, village Panchayat hall, IFAD resort centre, demanding of cooking utensils, plates and burning of private firewood resulting to shifting of children to Ukhrul district headquarters could spark off far reaching ramification in the entire region threatening 12 years of peace.

The memorandum added, "We consider the unfortunate siege of Siroy village, on the question of ceasefire coverage and designated camp interpretation, which is a part of the process, could have been addressed through the existing ceasefire mechanism, rather than twisting into a major magnitude of the impending dangers to the Indo-Naga political talk.

We believe peace cannot be compartmentalised as much as ceasefire cannot be shelved in cold storage." Opposition from some non-actor States in the Indo-Naga peace process should not be handle to hold on for GOI to delay and derail the peace process, the memorandum added.

The memorandum was signed by the representatives of NSU, Anal Students' Union, Lamkang Students' Union, Monsang Students' Union, Tarao Students' Union, Moyon Students' Union, Chothe Students' Union and Maring Students' Union of Chandel district.