India becoming a 'source' and 'transit point' for drug cartels

New Delhi, Feb 23 : India is gradually becoming a major "source market" for synthetic drugs and other pharmaceutical preparations besides being a key "transit point" for traditional narcotics like heroin, top officials have said.

"We have reports that there are some meth labs which have come up in the last two-three years in North, West and East India and manufacture synthetic drugs or those which are more popularly known as fashion drugs. We have busted almost six such labs in the last two years," a senior official of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) said.

In November last year, the NCB had busted an international drug racket run by a Canadian of Chinese origin after it raided a factory in Sawli village, 30 km from Vadodara (Gujarat), from where 30 kg of highly pure synthetic drug 'Methamphetamine', a base of rave drug "Ice", was recovered.

The unit had a fully functional laboratory which was used to manufacture the drug. After that it was being sent to Philippines which is a transit point for onward distribution in American and European countries.

The annual report of the International Narcotics Control Board released recently too point out how the lacunae in the system were working in favour of drug cartels.