Longleng students’ plea over ‘difficulty’ at Civil Hospital

Dimapur : The students of Longleng town have issued a public grievance statement pointing to the “inconveniences faced at the Civil Hospital Longleng”. In a press note, the Longleng Town Students Union (LTSU) informed that during their 3rd round of checking on January 6, several problems were detected at the Civil Hospital Longleng.

The press note issued by the LTSU President H. Leekei and General Secretary Xavier Henai informed that the Gynecologist at the hospital was transferred out without a replacement. Likewise the dentist was irregular in duty while some NRHM doctors do not perform their duty. It was also disclosed that there was insufficient GNM nurses with some transferred and the replacement not yet reporting for duty.

It was also informed that the post of District Tuberculosis Officer and the District Immunization Officer was vacant. Further there was no trained laboratory technician, no designated matron, no casualty room and no proper three phase electricity. It was also informed that the Pediatrician and Pathologist were attached.
Keeping all of this in view it was informed that the LTSU had written an appeal letter to the Principal Director of Health and Family Welfare, Kohima hoping to find a solution at the earliest possible.

“The people of our community have remained silent to the inconveniences for the past four years after being upgraded at a district”, the press note lamented while informing that the LTSU was giving a time period of one month i.e. up to February 10. Failure to comply with this plea would compel the LTSU to take necessary action, it warned.