Chumukedima village claims Dimapur land

Dimapur:  The “entire area of Dimapur” and Rangapahar Army cantonment are claimed to be “within our land” by the Chumukedima village. The council claimed the areas “in connection with our forefathers land marks” according to a note from the village council today.

The council asserted that the boundary of Chumukedima village has been “settled” by the British India government and “our forefathers” during the “1840s” by “indicating with Mohung-Dijooa at west point of Angami country”.

 “In this connection with our forefathers land marks, the entire areas of Dimapur and Rangapahar Army cantonment (Kijumeyhakhu) also falls within our land and the same areas are yet to be acquired by the government or any other agency till date” the council claimed.

The council said land allotment orders or “tapping any pocket of our land” and claiming it as government land “without the knowledge of the landowner are illegal” the council asserted.

Further, transferring land ownership to anyone or agency without the knowledge of the “village authority” within “our forefathers land” is totally a violation of “Article 371(A) of constitution of India” the village council claimed.

The village council has maintained that selling or purchasing land by any government agency or transferring land ownership “within our village area in Dimapur” without the village’s knowledge is ‘strictly restrained”. The council claimed to treat “such illegal activities as null and void”.