Foster unity through sports says KL Chishi

Foster unity through sports says KL Chishi Congress legislator KL Chishi lighting the tournament torch at the inaugural of SRSA sports meet at Chizami playground, Monday. (Morung Photo)

CHIZAMI (PHEK) : Former chief minister and sitting Congress MLA of Dimapur-1 assembly seat, KL Chishi, Monday called upon sportspersons to foster unity, brotherhood and understanding through games and sports. “We must keep in mind that we don’t play games only for the sake of winning or playing, but also to come closer together,” Chishi said while inaugurating the 46th meet of the Secheku Range Sports Association (SRSA) here at Chizami playground. Stating that games and sports have become important medium through which various other activities are carried out, new relationships forged and even deals signed, Chishi said in the Naga society too, sports was now playing a greater and pro-active role, especially in bringing about peace and unity among Naga brethrens. “Let us cultivate our brotherhood; Nagas are one though we may speak different dialects. Physical, emotional and spiritual integration are very essential in today’s Naga society,” the chief guest exhorted the players. It may be mentioned SRSA has nine villages under its wing including Zelome, Zhavame, Tsiifiime, Mesulumi, Enhulumi, Chizami, Sumi, Thetsiimi and Losami with the range people speaking diverse dialects including Chokri, Khezha, Sumi and Poumai.
Urging the players to utilize their God-given talent and to put in extra effort in order to excel and make the difference between mediocre and good players, Chishi further said the Chakhesangs have exhibited their sporting skills in wrestling and archery. As a gesture of encouragement, the chief guest also donated Rs. 1.41 lakhs towards the tournament and host village.  The inaugural was also attended by Deo Nukhu, MLA, and SDO (C) Chizami, Pfiitsiikha Krome as guests of honour. The Congress legislator was accompanied by a host of Dimapur Municipal Council members and DCC and ACC Dimapur office bearers. Later, Chishi also inaugurated the newly constructed community hall at Sumi village, where Sumis were believed to have dispersed and migrated to other areas. Addressing the Sumi villagers, the Congress MLA stressed on the need to preserve one’s culture and identity no matter where a person or tribe settles.
He also donated Rs. 50 thousand to the village, dance and song groups and assured Rs. 3 lakhs towards construction of a museum at Sumi village to showcase Sumi culture and identity.