Monitoring water flow from China: Menon

India has been keeping a close watch on the flow of the Brahmaputra river into Arunachal Pradesh to monitor Chinese claims that no structure was being built to impact the volume of water coming into India, national security advisor (NSA) Shiv Shankar Menon said. Beijing has always claimed
that a hydropower project on the river in Tibet was not obstructing the water flow to India as the dam wasn't big enough.

Flow of water, Menon said, was relevant. It was important for India to monitor water flow as it could give an idea about, "…what could happen "if they (China) held water and released it suddenly?" Menon added that water was a sensitive and emotional issue for both countries.

Menon also responded to queries on the passport issue.

“I don't think it is (worth discussing) on my level. There is more to life than visas and passports. They have always published their maps on their documents.”

He further said, “We have always published our map on our document. It is their document. The visa is our document. It has been discussed between the two sides and each side has done what they have had to do.”