Manipuri lad to bring Hollywood-style effects in movies back home

IMPHAL: A young 3D stereo effect compositor from Manipur is one of members of a Mumbai-based technical team that is part of many Hollywood hits including 'Star Wars Part 1', the Harry Potter series, 'The Green Lantern', 'Immortals' and 'Transformers'.

A resident of Khwai Brahmapur Nagamapal in Imphal, Vicky (24), along with his colleagues, worked on the visual effects for these films at Prime focus, a Mumbai-based studio which does work for many Hollywood-based companies among others. He holds a diploma in visual effects from Frameboxx, a Delhi-based institute.

"The world of visuals effects is like a wonderland and my journey in this world has been amazing; it was filled with lots of ups and downs and I love my work as it translates into viewing pleasure for the audience," said Vicky.

Vicky, who was working as a team leader and global trainer in Mumbai is now looking to work in Manipur where the digital-format movie industry is booming. "I have left Prime Focus and I'm looking forward to join the digital-format film industry in Manipur. I want to do my best to add stunning visual effects to Manipuri movies," he said.