NHRC mulls looking into AFSPA repeal

NEW DELHI, Oct 18 – The National Human Rights Commission will consider looking into the issue of repealing the controversial Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) and the time it needs to continue.

This was announced by NHRC Chairperson Justice K G Balakrishnan while addressing the National Consultation for Universal Periodic Review 2012 here.

“The Commission would consider looking into this (repealing of AFSPA) and also how much more time this needs to continue, he said.

He said welfare measures taken up by government agencies should be monitored as to how these are reaching the people.

“A growth rate of 8-9 per cent will be meaningful in projecting shining India in real sense only when the benefits of wealth generated out of it reach to the people at grassroot level,” he said.

He also stressed the need to classify the offences which could be considered as violation of human rights so that it becomes easy for the people to file complaints in the human rights courts which should be set up by all the states as per the Protection of Human Rights Act. He said that the states need to set up and strengthen the State Human Rights Commission.