Tripura hosts bamboo cultivation conference

Agartala, Aug 20 : In an endeavor to promote growth of the bamboo sector, a three days National Conference on Bamboo Cultivation and Value Addition was recently held in Tripura. Organised by the Tripura Bamboo Mission, the conference aimed to promote growth of the bamboo sector with efforts focused on augmenting economic opportunity, income and employment. During the conference artisans were provided information about new technologies and new industrial initiatives. “China is not only the biggest country with bamboo resources, but also has art-of-the-state technology, sustainable management, and rich experience in bamboo resources utilization and thus producing bamboo products, which has better finishing than India. We need to compete with them,” said R N Barathi, a Bamboo scientist. Bamboo is widely produced in Tripura. Nineteen species are found in the state.