Fruit processing units coming up in Tripura

Agartala, Aug 9 : The agro-climatic conditions are favorable for the growth of various fruits and horticultural crops in Tripura. This offers great opportunities for fruit processing industries in the region. ecently, a Kolkata based company established a fruit-processing unit in Agartala. The unit collects pineapples from farmers in villages and pays them good money for their produce. The raw pineapple is canned in the form of slices and concentrate from which juice, jam and jelly is produced. The final product is not only sold in the domestic market but is also exported. "This factory has been setup to overcome the problem wastage of pineapple in Tripura. We are using pineapples to make products like jam, jelly, squash, and slices which are sold throughout India," said Dipak Chakraborthy, In Charge, Fruit Processing Unit The factory employs many women from nearby villages who are involved in packaging and production of pineapple products. "Earlier we were financially dependent on our husbands but now we are employed and earn money. We work hard so that the factory prospers along with us. We make different products from pineapple. We really enjoy working here," said Sulekha Khatu, a worker "I work here to supplement my husband's income and for a better life of my children. I could not meet the demand of my children with my husband's income, so I am working here," said Papia Banik, another worker. North East Region Agricultural Marketing Corporation, Central Agricultural Unit and Tripura Small Industries Corporation have also set up small fruit processing units in the state. Tripura produces a variety of pineapples, oranges, litchis and cashew. Most crops are perishable and every year a fairly large part goes waste due to lack of good processing and canning facilities.