Water spurting stops at 9 places but begins at three fresh spots in Olpad

By Rishi Banerji

Ground water stopped spewing out from nine spots in Olpad on Monday, much to the relief of local residents. However, high pressure spurting of ground water was reported from three new spots. A Director General of Hydrocarbon (DGH) team visited Olpad on Monday and has conducted investigations.

Groundwater started spurting from three spots in Isanpore, much to the chagrin of local residents and district administration. However, ground water stopped coming out from nine spots in Asmanabad and Malifalia on Monday evening. Ground water is still being discharged from 12 more spots in these areas.

A team from Noida-based DGH visited Olpad on Monday to find out the reason for the spurt in groundwater. The team noticed large cracks on the ground that had developed due to shallow gas jetting out. The gas was coming out along with high pressure ground-water, investigations revealed.

According to a DGH official it will take more than two weeks to control the situation.

"There is still lot of gas beneath and drilling it out will take a long time. By that time the gas pressure will lead to more cracks in the ground," added the official, requesting anonymity.

Babu Navlawala, advisor to CM also confirmed the fact that gas pressure lead to the situation. Speaking to media persons, Navlawala said, "To increase production, ONGC drilled well no1 again, which led to this situation."

"We have asked ONGC to reduce pressure and discharge gas from the well. State government is constantly monitoring the situation," he said.

Meanwhile, Olpad residents decided to meet union tribal minister Tushar Chaudhry over the issue. Residents want union government to look into the matter and ask a US-based company, Boots and Fruits to work in Olpad.

Wasim Pathan, a local resident said, "Boots and Fruits is well known for pumping out gas stored underground. We have learnt that a team from the company is visiting Tripura, where a similar situation arose a week ago."

We want the team to visit Olpad too, as state government is unable to solve the situation, added Pathan.