Expulsions continue in NSCN

Kohima, June 22: Expulsions and counter-expulsions in the Khaplang and Khole-Kitovi factions of the NSCN continue as both the outfits claim their legitimacy.

The Khaplang faction of the NSCN expelled its commander-in-chief Khole Konyak for associating with the breakaway faction of Kitovi Zhimomi and appointed Kumchok, who joined the militant group in 1965, as its new commander-in-chief.

Kumchok will be assisted by self-styled brigadier Nyemlang Konyak as general staff officer as well as self-styled brigadier Ponglem.

“Khole was expelled for his anti-party activities, as he had joined hands with the breakaway faction led by Kitovi Zhimomi in the recent past,” an NSCN (K) statement said.

The Khole-Kitovi faction has, in turn, expelled Wangtin Naga, a senior functionary from Konyak tribe, Tongmeth, the secretary of Konyak region, and “lieutenant colonel” Pawang Konyak. Wangtin has been advocating unity among Naga factions and met Muivah this year in this regard.

With this latest development, division has cropped up among Konyak cadres as both Khaplang and Khole are from the Konyak tribe. It is still unclear which faction will dominate Mon district.

In a boost to the Khaplang faction, the Arunachal Naga Liberation Front, led by its commander Hanglon Nocte and general secretary Sepkam Lungphi, has merged with the NSCN (K).