Indo- Bhutan car rally attracts adventurers in Guwahati

Hundreds of adventure seekers participated in the fourth Indo-Bhutan car rally that was aimed at strengthening bilateral ties between both countries in Guwahati today.

The rally saw active participation from a large number of motorists who covered 1200 kilometers, traveling across the hilly terrain of northeast India and Bhutan.

While disclosing the route map before the rally began, Tomal Goshal the organizer of the rally, said: " This is the fourth JK tyre Indo-Bhutan car rally. The rally was started in 2007 with the motto of connecting the people of India and Bhutan, two very strategic neighbors."

" This year we are very fortunate to be here in Guwahati. The first three events were held in Siliguri. This year, we will be going from Guwahati to Samdrup Jongkhar and then we will travel within Bhutan for three days, go through Mongar, Trongsa and finally reach Thimphu on March 5," he added.

Since its inception in 2007, the rally has focused on boosting people-to- people relations between the two neighbors.

The participants said the tough circuit would pose many challenges, requiring focus and determination.

"This rally is really good. We wait for the rally the whole year. We will enjoy the Bhutan terrain, so it feels good to be here in the rally," said Saurav Chowdhary, a participant.

Over 27 participants from India are taking part in the rally.

The motorists have been given the option of taking part in the 'extreme race category' or cruising through the pristine natural charm of Bhutan in the 'adventure navigation category'.