Call for stronger ties between Nagas, Assamese

JORHAT, Feb 26 – To strengthen the cordial relations between the Nagas and Assamese people, Ao Hoho, a Naga traditional body organised a peace and confidence meet at Tzuremmen village in Mokokchung, Nagaland yesterday.

The representatives of both the States took active part in the discussions held therein to find out better ways to invigorate the ties between the people of both the States.

BB Baruah, chairman, Border Peace Coordination Committee, said both Assam and Nagaland should set up schools to teach the culture of both the States. “A proposal has already been sent to the Government of Assam to establish such schools to teach Naga sports and culture in Assam along with its own culture and sports,” he said.

The meeting also resolved to send a proposal to the Nagaland Government to establish this type of schools in Nagaland to teach Assamese culture. He also said that the cultural familiarity of both the States can only strengthen their cordial relationship.

“The enhacement of the condition of inter-State road connectivity will also boost the relations between the two States,” he added.

Girin Phukan, director, Tai Studies and Research Centre, Moran, representing the Assam side said that historical facts can also be the active tools to rejuvenate the age-old brotherly relationship between the two States.