Bangla seeks trade relations with NE states

New Delhi, Oct 25: As part of the move to intensify trade relations between the North Eastern States and Bangladesh, Commerce Minister of the country, Muhammad Faruk Khan has proposed a meeting with Industries Ministers of the region in Jan 2010.

As per the Assam Tribune reports, Bangladesh has sought duty-free access to Indian markets pointing out that fate of the region and Bangladesh are intertwined.

Khan said to reduce smuggling across the border areas they would extend all possible help and will work for increase in local trades.

Referring to security scenario between the two countries, the minister said Bangladesh had facilitated the removal of all insurgent leaders of several militant outfits including ULFA, NDFB and UNLF.

Meanwhile, the High Commissioner of Bangladesh, Tariq Karim said that Bangladesh with a growth rate of six per cent can latch on India to increase its growth rate, while North-east with a growth rate of four per cent or less can latch on to Bangladesh to grow.

“The North Eastern States can grow if they latch on to us,” Karim said.