Two girls from Northeast cheated at Delhi

New Delhi, Aug 12 : In what could turn out to be a good lesson, two young northeast girls working at one Call Centre in New Delhi has been allegedly cheated by the manager without paying salary for over months.

The victims are in their early twenties hailing from Churachandpur in Manipur. Grace and Rose (names changed) joined an unknown Call Centre (BPO) on June 7 and regularly works in nightshift (8 pm to 5 am) till July 29. However, no appointment letters were issued in their name. A 15-day valid Offer-Letter was only given to Rose.

Grace told our Reporter yesterday, “The Company was run by a couple – Rohit and Sneha (names changed). The couple promised me a salary of Rs. 7000 per month while my friend Rose has experienced in BPO, so her salary is fixed at Rs. 9000 per month. They also promised us that Attendance Bonus carries a reward of Rs. 1000.”

“After completing one-month, our manager keeps on delaying our salaries. We requested them patiently, but they didn’t pay heed to us. They make many excuses to avoid our salaries. Thus it took almost a month, and we came to realise that we won’t get our salaries. So we decided to quit our job,” Rose said helplessly.

Rose further says, “In our first meeting, Sneha told us that our working days will be Monday to Friday but we worked till Saturday. She also promised us salary will be paid in between 7th and 10th of every month.”

On July 26, Grace and Rose informed their manager-cum-owner Sneha that she did not fulfill the promises she made to them. They said to Sneha, “We intended to quit now”. Without bothering them at that moment, Sneha plainly answered, “As you wish”. That was the last talk between the manager and the duo-victims.

“Some of our colleagues who worked for less than a week or month were even paid well. But most of the Northeast employees were ill-treated and discriminated in paying their salaries. Many of them left the company without getting their salaries. And no one complains so far,” alleged Grace.

When North East Support Centre & Helpline Spokesperson Madhu Chandra contacted, he said, “NE Helpline has received such cases in the past. We should be careful while seeking jobs. We should always look for the authentic companies. I request NE youngsters to be serious and careful in selecting jobs in the capital.”

“Now we can’t talk to the managers through their mobile phone. They didn’t pick-up our calls anymore. We don’t know what to do. They are hiding from us,” alleged Grace’s sister, who works in a fashion shop in New Delhi. She added, “If anyone can help us, we’ll be very happy. We don’t know what steps to take further.”

The alleged BPO Company is said to be located in Dwarka. The name of the company is not yet known. Around five to six people were employed in the company.