Naga couple accuse Delhi Police of harassment

New Delhi: A few days after Delhi police was accused of beating up an American scribe, a couple from Nagaland has alleged that officers did not entertain their complaint against a group of rowdies for 20 hours.

Shimray Yangya and his wife were allegedly abused by a group of drunken men in south Delhi's Safdarjung enclave on Saturday. First, the culprits made lewd comments about the couple. Later, they deflated Yangya's car tyres.

"A group of men followed us when we were going to meet my cousin. They passed lewd comments about my wife," said Yangya, who stays in Dwarka. "Later when we came out of my cousin's house I found they had deflated our cars tyres."

The ordeal did not end there. When the couple protested, the culprits beat up Yangya and his cousin before stealing their belongings. After calling up the police thrice, five vans showed up at 3am. "The rowdies beat us up, snatched our phones, money and took my shirt, "said Yangya. He added. "The police arrived after being called thrice."

Yangya said that instead of arresting the culprits, the cops tried to shove his wife into a police van. They also made him spend the night in the police station. In the morning, human rights activists made the police register a case, more than 20 hours after the incident.