Assam govt.’s apathy on massacre flayed

Dimapur, October 11 : Several activist organizations namely the Indigenous Women Forum for Northeast India, Women against Militarization and State Violence Program and The Other Media have condemned the apathy shown by the Assam administration that led to the October 4 carnage in Assam where 12 people were massacred by militants.

The villagers of Bhimajuli in Assam were understood to have been slaughtered after they refused to comply with extortion notices served to them by militants. Several people were also injured.

The three organizations issued a joint statement today condemning the slaughter in Bhimajuli in Assam. The statement said the local administration and the state government was aware that the innocent villagers were being harassed by extortionists.

The villagers had collectively protested and declared openly that they would not pay any extortion money.

“The local administration and the state government was aware about this situation but did nothing to protect the lives of these innocent people,” the organizations lamented.

The long years of bloody conflict have made the police and even the top political leadership oblivious to the threats to the lives of ordinary people, the organizations said. “The police in Assam is ever busy in its ‘VIP security’ duties.

We strongly condemn the attitude of the local administration and the state level top leadership for their apathy towards protecting the lives of its citizens,” the statement said.

“Assam has passed through long years of unresolved claims to territories, autonomy and homelands. The state has denied basic civil and democratic rights to its people.

The climate of lawlessness has made different groups and communities to take law into their hands,” the organizations reminded.

The organizations also referred to the attack on Boro Women’s Justice Forum president and lecturer of Barama College Anjali Daimary on 8th October 8 by two motorcycle-borne youths in front of the college. The incident is yet another instance of the lawlessness promoted by the state, the organizations stated.

The Assam government is asked to investigate into the killings at Bhimajuli as well as the attack on Anjali Daimary and put the guilty on trial immediately.

The administration and police responsible for providing security to the people should also be punished for the inhuman lapse of duty, they said.