Ram Sena chief will continue opposition to western culture

Mysore, Feb 3 : Pramod Muthalik, chief of Sri Ram Sena, who is involved in pub attack incident in Mangalore, continued to express his opposition to the western culture in India.

"We are definitely going to oppose Valentines Day celebration on February 14. The first step would be by giving memorandum to the government and then second would be giving memorandum to police department. We would also request colleges also to stop the celebrations. After all this, we will start our crusade," said Pramod.
Later, he said that he would definitely be released, as he is protesting for something that is beneficial for the nation.

"They had to leave me. I haven’t done anything wrong. They have framed me in these cases, and argument has to be done. I am only doing good for the country. This drug, pub and club culture is against Indian tradition. Thus we are fighting against it," he added.

A court in Madikeri, Karnataka, granted bail to Pramod Muthalik on Monday in connection with a provocative speech made in December 2003. He was released with a fine of Rs. one lakh.

Muthalik’s speech was targeted at the Hindu Samajotsav in Gonikoppal.

Muthalik had been granted bail thrice in the last week.

He was first arrested on January 27 in connection with a case involving damage to pamphlets with provocative slogans. He was then arrested for his role in attack on women at a pub in Mangalore.

He was arrested again last night for the provocative speech made in December 2003.