Bolivia, Venezuela presidents invited to Palestine victory feast

The presidents of Bolivia and Venezuela were invited to a feast here by Islamic Students Society to celebrate Palestine’s victory over Israel in Gaza, IRNA reported Sunday.

The feast will be hosted by Tehran University to celebrate the end of the 22-day conflict in Gaza, the ISS said but the agency gave no date.

Israel announced a unilateral ceasefire late Saturday after three weeks of military bombardment in Gaza that left more than 1,000 people dead and over 5,000 others injured, mostly women and children.

The students’ organisation had sent separate letters to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Bolivia’s President Juan Evo Morales, inviting them to the feast.

However, there were no immediate official confirmations from the respective countries about their visit.

Venezuela and Bolivia had cut diplomatic ties with Israel in protest over Israel’s military attacks on Gaza.

Bolivia has also sought genocide charges against Israeli officials for their atrocities against Gazans.

Appreciating Caracas and La Paz for their support to the Palestinian people, the students wrote: “The coming generations would proudly remember your courageous act.”

The students’ body expressed hope that the two presidents would accept their invitation and attend the upcoming feast in Tehran. The date for the feast was not announced.